• Our approach creates bottom line impact covering suppliers, production, physical logistics, and customers.
  • Effective supply chain management supports corporate strategy objectives such as globalization and growth, and in merger and acquisition or financial turnaround situations.

How we work

Deep functional expertise. We apply deep and distinctive functional expertise to help clients overcome typical supply chain challenges; for example, how to cope with demand and supply uncertainty, how to build and optimize the supply chain organization, and which supply chain planning and control strategies to employ.

  • Targeted research programs. We supplement our client experience with targeted research programs to investigate the practices that really drive supply chain performance, as opposed to “flavor of the month” approaches.
  • Integrated solutions. We integrate solutions across all operations disciplines. For example, rather than taking production constraints as given input to supply-chain planning, we aim to optimize the complete system with both lean production and planning approaches. Viewing market and customer service level requirements as a key driver of supply chain design, we work with marketing and sales, distribution channels, and pricing strategies.
  • Tailored supply chain management principles. We tailor supply chain management principles to the specific characteristic of the sector. Taking fresh ideas from one sector, we can lift performance of clients in another. Our breadth and depth allows us to apply learning from fashion to electronics, from pharma wholesale to automotive service parts, and from retail to defense.

Global insights and support​​​​

We support clients developing global manufacturing strategies with insight into global macroeconomic, factor cost, and strategic industry sector developments. Working together with our manufacturing group, we investigate production and technological drivers of footprint decisions such as economies of scale, specialization benefits of production technology, and the tailoring of production process technologies to local factor cost and skill conditions.

We can provide simple scenario evaluation to mathematical optimization of entire value chains, including impact of supply chain elements like logistics, inventory, and international trade-related costs. We also support site selection and negotiations with local authorities, tactical sequencing and communication strategies, and a wide range of practical footprint transformation best practices.

Change management​​

The implementation of supply chain solutions can be the most challenging step of supply chain improvements, particularly when the people and processes affected typically span several functions, organizations, and countries. We offer practical support via a range of tailored and proven intervention and transformation approaches designed to achieve both short-term impact and long-term sustainability.