Recruiting You the Right Fit

We will work directly with your HR team to evaluate your existing workforce and determine additional skills necessary to achieve business objectives. Our recruitment team will then source the most qualified candidates to close employment gaps.

We are professional in Temporary Placement, Permanent Placement and Direct Hires.

DCG is in the business of sourcing identifying, locating, and evaluating GTA’s strongest manufacturing, transportation, industrial, and distribution personnel. In essence we are an industrial search firm that is hired by some of GTA’s finest corporations to separate those employees that excel from those that are average. This is the experience that we bring to the table

  • That our clients have made the same commitment to excellence in the staff they hire, as our company has in the professionals that we recruit.
  • That they possess a strong reputation in the industry.
  • If your company meets this criteria, DCG can assist you in recruiting industry specific personnel who have a combination of experience and skills not found in running advertisements.
  • We are actively sourcing the passive candidates who are proven to be high performers rather than the want ads candidates. We allocate this type of employee for our clients by taking as much time as necessary to evaluate their skills, and by finding out the employees needs in an employer. By combining these two methods we have found that the recruits normally excel in their new positions.

    We feel confident in saying that DCG can recruit employees who will not only meet, but exceed the expectations of our clients thus standing out as rarities in their field.

    We would like to develop a strong recruiting partnership with you and your company. Providing this information is the initial step. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    To learn more, contact us today, we are here to help you find the RIGHT employee!

Temporary to Direct Hire Programs

DCG Temporary to Direct Hire Program is a popular way to add to your current workforce. It relieves you of many costs associated with advertising, hiring, training, and of course any initial benefit packages offered to a full time employees. Perhaps the most advantageous facet of our temporary to direct hire program is the opportunity to evaluate a candidate before any employment offers are extended. As a result, you can avoid the expenses and inconvenience associated with correcting a hiring mistake.

Our priority is to mine and bring the best talented candidates with all the desired knowledge, skills abilities and experience to fit to your organization.

Direct Hire Program

Our Direct Hire Program enables you to add to your team a more senior member that may not consider a Temporary to Direct Hire Program. This would be someone that would be a salaried rather than hourly employee. This is typically where we would “Recruit you the Right Fit!”

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