"Helping you embark on major cost reduction, without losing focus on profitable growth"

Decrease cost of goods

Dynamic Consulting Group helps you decrease cost of goods by 10 + percent.

Reduce working capital

Dynamic Consulting Group helps you reduce working capital by 10 to 15 percent.

Improve asset utilizationl

Dynamic Consulting Group helps you improve asset utilization by 10 to 40 percent

Increase Work Efficiency

Dynamic Consulting Group helps you increase efficiency by 10 to 30 percent.

Workforce Management

Dynamic Consulting Group help you finding the best candidates possible to meet your internal hiring needs.

Staff Augmentation

Dynamic Consulting Group connect candidates to opportunities and resources to organizations
  • Dynamic Consulting Group Inc. is a premier provider of best in operations consulting for small to midsize companies across North America. Our expertise spans multiple industry sectors including consumer packaging goods and the food industry. We constantly strive to achieve rigorous solutions that make a genuine difference to our customers, the end-users and society. We do this by considering the impact and usability of our work including the long-lasting sustainable benefits to our customers and the local communities we operate in.
  • DCG take pride in everything we do. Our commitment is to provide customized, high quality and innovative engineering and management solutions.
  • DCG is a workforce management and operations consulting company dedicated to problem-solving. We focus on how to make your work more efficient and easier. Founded in 2017, DCG works to find rapid and cost-effective solutions to clients around North America. DCG offers a wide range of innovative solutions and services for food, beverage, CPG, and medical industry. Our human capital management services work with companies across the professional services sector, bringing you the right person at the right time for the right cost.

What DCG offer

Dynamic Consulting Group have three cost transformation offerings to meet your unique situation:​

Strategically transform your cost structure to gain competitive advantage.
Build a continuous performance management capability to ensure every dollar is working in service of your strategy. Pair with DCG Zero-Based Redesign, a one-time, blank-sheet simplification of your operating model and core processes that reduces cost and complexity, to make your employees’ lives simpler and their work more effective.
Rapidly identify and capture revenue and cost savings opportunities when you urgently need a financial turnaround.

We also have a broad range of offerings that address specific elements of your organization:​​

Shift the focus of your support functions to more value-added activities while reducing cost, using powerful digital tools.
Transform your shared services int​o a strategic asset, and unleash digital technologies to perform work faster, smarter and more efficiently.
Reduce all forms of complexity to unlock value and turbocharge growth, agility and competitiveness.
Acquire the right capabilities from the right source at the right price with the right partnership structure.

Our Services

Our services are flexible and designed to provide you with a comprehensive solution to your recruitment and workforce planning needs. These services include:

DCG Workforce Management

At DCG, we help you avoid the extensive hiring process of managing job postings, reviewing hundreds of resumes, and screening candidates to make qualified selections. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our staff augmentation solution brings in the right candidates at the right time to fulfill your available job opportunities.

Operations Consulting Services:

  • Cost-out and improve EBIDTA
  • Lean and Six Sigma Training

We have demonstrated experience in helping our clients achieve significant improvements:

  • Decrease cost of goods sold by 10 + percent.
  • Reduce working capital by 10 to 15 percent.
  • Improve asset utilization by 10 to 30 percent.
  • Increase throughput by 10 to 40 percent.