Experienced Operations Consultants Who Have Walked In Your Shoes​

Our people are the key to our ability to accelerate your business performance. None are career consultants. All are seasoned professionals with real operational management and executive experience in businesses like yours. Everyone on our team is committed to working shoulder to shoulder with you and your team to drive the performance improvements you seek.

It feels different to work with us.

Leadership Team

Our partners put our clients first, with a relentless focus on delivering innovative, bold solutions. They consider your journey as well as your destination, anticipating the risks, barriers and opportunities to make change stick.

Amar Bamra, Managing Partner

Amar founded the firm and serves as its principal. He consults in the areas of Operations Strategy, Operational Cost Reduction, Network Optimization, Plant Layout, Continuous Flow Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Development. Amar has extensive hands-on experience in the Plant consolidation, Network optimization and implementation of continuous flow manufacturing, and demand-pull scheduling methodologies. He has managed the complete transition of several companies from traditional, functionally oriented production factory environment to a High Performance World-Class factory environment.

Prior to founding Dynamic Consulting Group, Amar held senior operations positions in companies such as Kraft Heinz Company, Heinz, Coca Cola Refreshments, and Chrysler LLC.

Amar holds a Masters degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology - Chicago; and an MBA from University of Chicago - Booth School of Business.

Shamsher Gill, Director of Business Development

Shamsher is Dynamic Consulting Group’s Director of Business Development and is a member of the firm’s Executive Committee. In his role, Shamsher oversees the global management of DCG’s brand, including client insights, digital marketing, creative development, agency management, and marketing effectiveness. As Director of Business Development, Shamsher leads the Client Engagement function at DCG

Prior to joining DCG, Shamsher was Head of Asia Pacific Operations for Atrend Inc. He has extensive experience in Client Engagement and Business Development across various channels and countries. Before Atrend, he held various leadership positions at Goodyear, Inc North American Tire Division.

Shamsher holds a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the California State University; and an MBA from the Case Western Reserve University, Ohio.

Decades of Industry Experience

DCG relies on the functional expertise of our team and their decades of industry experience to deliver innovative solutions for clients while minimizing costs and the level of disruption to your organization. Each team member has been selected based on his or her specific experience working with in-house creative organizations. Our team offers a full range of creative operations expertise, including strategy, funding models, technology, process, change management and personnel development.

We assemble each project team by considering the unique needs of the engagement, and each team includes an engagement manager, lead consultant, and at least one advising consultant (who may also be the engagement manager). Therefore, all projects include a blend of at least two subject matter experts’ experience and advice, providing a balanced perspective to our consulting engagements. As projects, or specific aspects within projects, require additional specific subject matter expertise, supplemental team members will be assigned to the project.