Our Mission & Values

  • Our mission is to increase profitability of our customers by providing cost-effective services and solution.

  • We put technology and talent to work to enhance our clients' business,processes and productivity
  • Consulting

  • We bring value to our clients by becoming their solution partners.

  • Our team comprises of experienced consultants,engineers,recruitment experts who would work directly with our clients to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.
  • Recruting

  • In today's global marketplace,we want our clients to focus on their core busieness and let Dynamic Consulting Group LLC do the rest for them.

  • DCG has the experience and expertise to help you succeed and achieve your business objectives even in the middle of fiercest competition.
  • We provide tailored solutions that allow clients to manage change dynamically—from the shop floor to the executive suite. In addition to helping implement our solutions, we mentor clients and build capabilities to sustain the changes. We combine our knowledge of the world’s best operating systems with internationally recognized improvement programs, such as Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints.

    At DYNAMIC CONSULTING GROUP, Dynamic is at the core of our business. We believe in providing innovative cost effective Supply Chain and Operations services to clients around the world. Our extensive portfolio demonstrates our commitment to executing and delivering all types of quality solutions for clients across multiple industries. Our projects deliver double digit EBITDA growth through Dynamic Improvements and Cost-out projects.

    Working alongside you to execute whatever project, large or small, you need finished, we provide superior results within the time frame you need.

    Our services include:

    Operations Strategy, defining, driving and implementing the operations management routines, capabilities and operations strategy, and aligning manufacturing with corporate vision and business objectives.

    Manufacturing Network Management, developing synergy, visibility and operational control across a network of manufacturing assets, helping manufacturers monitor and control production, inventory, compliance, risk and security through efficient coordination of people, processes and technology.